Environmental Management


Depending on your needs, we can perform an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), an Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA), etc. We can also help you implement an environmental management system (ISO 14001) in connection with your operations.

Personalized services in the form of coaching, training and/or technical support

Implement an Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:

An EMS allows a company to determine the environmental aspects that concern it and to put into place a management system to effectively manage the regulation and the legislation while setting interesting environmental goals to be reached to be at the forefront of its industry. The ISO 14001 standard specifies the requirements for establishing best practices in environmental management.

Environmental study phase 1 - ES:

The ES includes a review of the history of the site, which includes the land, buildings and equipment, a site inspection, and recovery of information available from government and municipal authorities as well as from the owners and other stakeholders. The ES will determine all environmental risks affecting your site or company making it a tool for implementing solutions to comply with laws and regulations.

Verification of environmental compliance - VEC:

The environmental compliance audit consists of verifying whether the activities and facilities of an enterprise comply with current laws and regulations. The VEC also assesses the company's compliance to internal processes, of its clients, of its standards and of its best practices specific to the company's activities. This process is done through audits, visits, interviews and research of regulatory documentation in order to establish a diagnosis of the company's current environmental situation in connection with its environmental requirements. The VEC is an excellent management tool to help managers know the current environmental status of their enterprise in order to focus on problem areas and correct any wrong practices.

Updating and simplifying management systems:

Your management system is cumbersome and impractical. We can simplify it and make it very suitable for your business. We will structure it according to your business processes.

Internal audit or internal quality audit: We conduct internal audits to ensure that your management system is consistent and efficient. We also conduct effective training for internal auditors based on practical aspects.


To know the status of the company's management practices, a diagnosis is carried out to identify strengths and weaknesses and implement an action plan to improve management practices.

Additional services:

Any other specific intervention on standards.


We offer very interesting public trainings about important and current subjects for the managers, the persons in charge and the staffs concerned.

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