Company Management


We offer Personnel outsourcing services and Company management services in order to improve and establish good management practices required for optimal performance of your processes: organize the management of both human and material resources, manage your business processes efficiently, meet your client's expectations and render your processes profitable, add value to your processes (VAP), eliminate waste (Kaizen) and other advatanges.

Personnel Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing staff services:

Outsourcing staff service consists in using external personnel to perform tasks related to your company's Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Environmental and others. Many companies prefer to use external personnel for their expertise, competence, to help balance their budget and ultimately to simplify their lives by being more organized.

Examples of Personnel outsourcing services:

Human Resources Management: Training, managing hard-copy and electronic documents, measuring performance, absenteeism, labour relations, departures, organisational structures and more.

Occupational Health and Safety Management: OHS programs that comply with applicable laws and regulations, OHS Safety comity, training, lock out procedures, working in confined spaces, working at heights, incident management, OHS audits, OHS records, personnel records and more.

Environmental Management: Environmental programs that comply with applicable laws and regulations, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), waste management, environmental compliance, environmental efficiency (energy, noise levels, etc.), operations, special projects and more.

Efficient Management of a Company's Departments: Management, human resources, sales, design and product development, purchasing, operations, reception, shipping and other services.

Company Management Services

Implementing the best management practices:

We can help you determine the most effective management practices for all your business activities: Management, Human Resources, Sales, Design and Product Development, Purchasing, Operations, Reception and Shipping.

The organizational structure:

We can help you structure your organization chart based on your activities and operations. Thereafter, we can determine the tasks for each position on your organization chart to help structure an effective business operation.


To know the status of the company's management practices, a diagnosis is carried out to identify strengths and weaknesses and implement an action plan to improve management practices.

Quality management tools:

Management tools are used in a company to facilitate the company's management. The management tools are: Diagnosis, Strategic planning, Management of hard-copy and electronic documents, Email management, Project management, Management Committee, Committee of improvement, Communication, Effective meetings, PDCA, PVA, Kaizen, 5S, Kanban, Customer retention, Customer satisfaction management and others tools.

Additional services:

Any other specific intervention on standards.


We offer very interesting public trainings about important and current subjects for the managers, the persons in charge and the staffs concerned.

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